We determined it was high time to head west and pay Heighway Pinball a visit, to see development of their games as well as their factory was going with the Christmas and new year holiday break looming.

There have been many changes since our previous visit back in May, not least the move of the business out of their own original unit on the Cyfarthfa Industrial Estate in Merthyr Tydfil to a bigger pair of units a short distance away.

The old unit the fresh pair of units in the foreground in the backdrop,

The move took place while Andrew and other team members were for Pinball Expo in Chicago, with components and gear transferred to the leftmost unit of the pair. This really is where everything was situated during our visit, but it’s only a temporary place while the rightmost unit is cleaned and made ready for the production line.

The leftmost unit
Inside the left hand unit

This second unit had only been power washed and was being left to dry out over the festive rest before the line equipment is transferred in early January.

In the right hand unit
Inside the just-cleaned right hand unit

The quantity of space in the pair of units is enormous, and they supply numerous assembly, office and storage rooms, loading bays, along with a completely fitted catering-level kitchen.

There also have been developments on the firm’s first match, Full Throttle, while time was spent on the move of premises.

The team has created a brand new cabinet and backbox layout for future names and this. Their first cupboard was constructed using medium-density fibreboard (MDF) which, springy and although powerful, is not considerably lighter in relation to the standard cupboard material, plywood.

The brand new layout uses a plywood carcass, but attaches foil-coated MDF panels to supply the coloured finish and make a framework into which the side-art panels can sit.

The brand new reddish lip gloss cabinet building for the Limited Edition version
The brand new crimson polish cabinet building for the Limited Edition version

Even though the side and front panels revealed here have cutouts to adapt flipper assemblies and the ball shot, these have been covered by the foil wrapping in these types of samples. This excess foil will, obviously, be removed and the corresponding assemblies fitted in the generation variation.

With cutouts around their mounts, the legs of the game are recessed and appear more incorporated into the layout of the cupboard.

The recessed legs on the matt black cupboard
Recessed legs on the matt black cupboard

They are also able to be replaced should they become damaged because the external panels may be removed. The cupboard side artwork will soon be printed on acrylic panels which slide into slots between the interior casing as well as the external panels. The playfield glass is supported in a metal ‘magazine’ framework which sits on the very top of the cupboard, locking the art set up.

The slot for the side art panels

The team are constructing two more Full Throttles to add to the two earlier games and Festi-Flip in St Etienne, France.

Among the two Full Throttles under building

These four machines are then going to be taken to the EAG International trade show at London’s ExCel where Heighway Pinball is going to have an 8.5m x 2m stand.

Straight after EAG, the business is going to host a launch event for the game for press and commerce, followed by a launch party in The Pipeline pub in central London, where the group who supplied the primary subject, Redline, will play.

Flyer for the launching occasion

The very first Alien Pinball whitewood

As it is possible to observe, Alien Pinball is a four-flippered widebody game, with both upper flippers moved in from the borders of the playfield. This playfield does not have the cutout for the LCD monitor as it’s not needed to fine tune the shots we can show that Alien Pinball will feature a new 16:10 widescreen computer screen in the playfield, replacing the 4:3 computer screen.

While the playfield tweaked and is created, growth of effects for that LCD panel, illumination effects, sounds, and the rules takes up place in the offices on a computer simulation of the game.

The team working on future Heighway Pinball games and this has only been improved by the appointment of renowned game designer, Barry Oursler, who won’t only supply guidance and advice to the team on future and present titles, but may also design his own game.

Andrew and Barry

Barry’s game is now scheduled to be the fourth title certainly will feature a subject that was licensed, and made, only like games two and three.

We encouraged Heighway Pinball CEO, Andrew Heighway, to record an interview with us inside the new factory building, to give you more penetration on all these developments.

It’s possible for you to see all seventeen minutes of it by simply clicking on the video below.

That is all for this upgrade from the Heighway Pinball factory.

In our next update we expect to bring you complete details of the 251 promotional games made for Bacardi earlier in 2014, including images of the finished merchandise and shots from the factory during production and development.


Having been instrumental in the first layout of the second name, Alien Pinball 35th Anniversary Edition of the company’s, game designer Dennis Nordman has go with Heighway Pinball.

Nordman says he isn’t the designer of Alien Pinball, although the first playfield drawing was created by him and designed four of the playfield toys.

Dennis with Janos and Roman, Brian and Andrew Heighway from the Heighway Pinball team

Nordman appeared with the Heighway Pinball team at the Pinball Expo in Chicago of 2014, where the Aliens Pinball name was unveiled and Dennis revealed mockups of a few of those toys that were playfield.

Dennis with a mockup of one of his plaything layouts that are playfield

Dennis was certainly unhappy with the planned production schedule for Alien Pinball. He wrote, “Andrew denoted the game would be prepared in April and I can not possibly agree with this.”

Dennis with another of the playfield toys

Dennis did say he believed the planned closing variant appeared striking although he disassociated himself from just what the game has become.

He said, “The drawing can change dramatically as the game develops… I have viewed the video that he [Andrew Heighway] submitted to Fox and in the event the game turns out anything such as this it’ll be fantastic.”

Nevertheless, it is clear that it will not be Dennis’s vision of the game, so the business relationship he had with Heighway Pinball has finished and the game will be developed by the firm without his additional input signal.



The Cabbage Patch caters for visitors that have an excellent fury of facilities and is nicely found.

Only opposite Twickenham Station, the pub is split in two (and has two entries) on the right and entertainments on the left with dining and bar bites. The food is well seen here, so that is a great motive to come but it is the entertainments we are interested in here.

There are three quiz machines, four pool tables, two fruit (slot) machines as well as one pinball – a Williams Star Wars Episode One.

I understand this game (and really the Pinball 2000 platform) isn’t well seen in general but the game this special lunchtime, supplied plenty of amusement and proved a worthy opponent.

Establish at 50p per game – which appears to be typical pricing in London – it proved to be a cost that is good as well as the tilt was set to a reasonable degree enabling the occasional nudge that is hefty but not letting anything approaching behavior that is stupid. That makes great sense in a pub surroundings any tilts which happened can simply be regarded as reasonable and do not incur any wrath from the players as.

Fury, when combined with alcohol may be risky combination, or so the setting is not entirely inappropriate.

The game functions nicely with all of the attributes working and the flippers powerful and consistent. The players appear to be angled a bit but that is something I have seen on different SWE1 games also so it is just a small criticism.

Extraordinarily, the game was set to give an additional ball at a replay in the second as well as the very first scoring amount. This functions very well, giving achievable and reasonable benefits for doing well.

The game is placed just inside the left hand entry to the pub and near the tavern, so it might be a bit crowded on busy nights but it does make purchasing another drink quite easy. Talking of which, the beers on offer are truly quite great with London Pride and draught Becks for lager fans, Marston’s Pedigree and Brakspear for real ale aficionados. There are two draught ciders accessible – Strongbow and Scrumpy Jack. All the common names are on tap; Stella Artois, Fosters, Guinness etc.

In conclusion, this pub supplies great entertainments, great drinks, great food and great pinball. An excellent mix and it is definitely worthy of a visit. Beware of days when there are important rugby matches at Twickenham Stadium as the Cabbage Patch – like all of the pubs in the region – are generally packaged outside, so strive to selected a more quiet day.



Pinball, as well as the people that gather and play it, appears to be a favorite subject for filmmakers, with the most recent team looking to capture the vibe throughout the game by focusing on the renewed interest built up recently.

Shoot Again – Pinball’s Resurrection is a full length documentary from Director Associate Producer Lorien Green and /Producer Blake Faucette. Both have expertise making movies on either pinball or associated matters.

Blake made the short Pinball Love – a visual feast of classic modern pinballs, showcasing the art, playfield features and light effects. But he’s several famous earlier works revealing online, for example, award winning Frequently Awesome show.

Lorien’s preceding work was her first foray into documentary making following her writing about the topic in her own blog, plus it too looked at the manner -popular pastime was being covered all. Going Cardboard examined reinvention and the resurrection of tabletop board games, the designers of these brand new types of the genre, as well as the people that play them.

Now the both of them have teamed up to turn their focus to pinball’s phoenix-like rise from close fall just a couple of years back to the multi-producer global market we see now.

Pinball News discussed with Associate Producer, Lorien to learn a bit about Blake and her, what made them need to tell this kind of narrative, and how they came to team up on the job.

Lorien told us, “I grew up an arcade gamer, but not actually conscious of pinball. Additionally, I fell head over heels for pop culture documentaries in 2008 when my husband brought home The King of Kong. Among the ones I especially adored was TILT: The Battle. Nevertheless, my own first documentary was about designer tabletop board games. That job went from 2009 – 2012. The movie was well-received, and the profits were used by me to get my first pinball machine about a year past, and began to actually learn as a hobby about pinball. Lorien believed that there clearly was a story to tell there that had not yet been told. But Lorien did not believe i was actually in a position to undertake another solo project of that magnitude.”

Lorien continued, “Afterward I came across a brief YouTube video, Pinball Love, plus it captivated me. I inquired if the creators thought about doing a pinball revival documentary and contacted them, and yes, they’d. ‘The creators’ turned out to be Blake Faucette, a proficient filmmaker who’d won greatest show on Vimeo in 2012 with his web series about a buddy’s struggle with ALS (Commonly Awesome). It was clear that not only did Blake have an awareness of pinball’s beauty and the best way to carry it through the power to tell a convincing narrative, but in addition picture. So we teamed up.”

But why, we requested, select pinball as a subject matter? What did they see in the individuals which got them believe the game would have been an excellent issue for their very first work collectively as well as it?

Lorien clarified, “I enjoy to actually delve into whatever avocation I am enthusiastic about at the time. With board games, Lorien appreciated all the positive sides of the hobby as well as the people that took part in the community, and saw it. Lorien needed to share what they were doing, and help others find it.

Pinball is not dissimilar in a variety of manners. It is a hobby that, like board games, has existed for quite a while, but that’s developed over time and gotten more complex. It is additionally counterculture; everything these days occurs on a display, a computer screen, a film screen, a touch screen. Board games are physical by comparison, and so is pinball. Lorien see lots of parallels with what made the board gaming community fascinating to cover.

It is ironical, because back in the ’80s, video games, arcade games, dethroned pinball. But this time, video games are playing a role in the comeback of pinball. Farsight Studios’ Pinball Arcade was given best mobile game of 2012 by G4TV, and these video emulations of classic tables are helping bring actual pinball back in the public eye. So while pinball is very much a kinetic as well as physical encounter, modern technology is helping it flourish in fascinating ways.”

With several movies already investigating various facets of pinball as well as the culture surrounding it would Blake’s and Lorien locate another angle so that they could create something unique?

Lorien told us, “Really, there are a lot of pinball documentaries out there already. The latest ones comprise The Pinball Passion (2008), TILT: The Fight to Save Pinball (2009) When Lit (2010), as well as The History of Pinball (2012). Lorien was a documentary buff before becoming a pinball fanatic, so I’ve all the above mentioned, along with Pinball 101, where I learned appropriate pinball etiquette (no jazz hands!).

The History of Pinball is a fantastic documentary, which supplies a comprehensive review of the history of pinball. Really cool stuff, like who devised the flippers etc. TILT takes you up to a depressing moment when Williams closed down. So TILT is watched by you, and you might believe that pinball is over, a matter of days gone by. Pinball Passion talks about pinball layout and rule sets, and covers some fascinating historical highlights, in addition to the challenge of keeping pinball machines in public. Special When Lit closes on somewhat sombre notes, and is more recent, with Steve Ritchie himself wondering whether pinball would be in 10 years (an interview which likely happened in 2008 or 2009). The final thing is a busted old pinball machine.

You understand what is occurred since then? AC/DC was designed by Steve Ritchie. The limited edition version of Stern’s Metallica machine sold out entirely in an issue of hours. Jersey Jack Pinball was declared, along with a lot of indie pinball machine jobs. Based on Ars Technica, more arcades are currently opening than closure, including Pinball Wizard in Lorien’s woods (New Hampshire), a classic arcade featuring almost 100 pinball machines. Pinball Magazine is at work on its third issue. Barcades are a thing. Some truly important things have occurred to pinball in that point, although it might just have been a couple years since the past pinball documentary. That is exciting!

All these documentaries bring something to the table for pinball, and I urge them all. They’ve laid down a strong historical basis. We are not going to spend lots of time on history, that is been done, and done nicely. Our picture, Shoot is the following chapter in this saga.

Lorien and Blake were initially just studying the American side of pinball as suggested by the documentary’s subtitle “The Resurrection of Pinball in America”. However they’ve since required the American reference out, so does that suggest a more internationally inclusive look at , what is happened and is happening to pinball, or is the focus very much US-based?

“Yes, initially we had that as a subtitle in the first poster mock up, essentially because we are in America, and that is the scenario we understand. But pinball is enjoying popularity that is similar in other nations. Stern has long maintained that a substantial part of their machines go abroad. What is happening in America, with on-place pinball merging to sites that are more committed as well as the house market heating up, is happening in other states too. I simply read an article laying out precisely that scenario in France.

Pinball is and always has been an extremely American-based business, so in that sense it’s American-centered, but I think that it is a narrative that’s happening internationally. Mind you, just as there are parts of our state where there isn’t any pinball to be located, there are of course states where pinball isn’t making a lot of comeback – not yet, at least.”

Shooting has already began on the documentary taking in places including Jersey Jack Pinball as well as the Silverball Museum, so where are the team in the creation procedure, do they have all of the interviews and places lined-up, and will we see them filming at any approaching pinball shows?

We were told by Lorien they continue to be very much at the start of the procedure. She said, “We kicked off filming back in May, and have those interviews finished as well as a couple others on the program coming up. We started out with a listing of folks we needed to contain, as well as an outline of what we needed to cover. That is constantly subject to change as other opportunities appear or if through the duration of investigation we discover an added angle that is significant to cover. While a documentary must begin with a screenplay of types, there is additionally an element of the narrative as you uncover it, shaping itself. That is what makes documentaries so fascinating to make.”

The Interview in May with Jack Guarnieri

“Interviews will include a minumum of one other collector, arcade owners, and obviously, Stern Pinball. As I mentioned, we are interested in lots of the brand new components and technical improvements, so we’ll target our attempts that are interviewing consequently. I am excited about what we have got cooking, although I am always cautious to not throw details near about possible interviewees till they occur. Attendees may see us floating around at PAPA, Penny Arcade Expo, along with the Chicago Pinball Expo.”

Will the film be released? Will we be able to see or buy it on broadcast TV, at film festivals, online, on phonograph records, or in other means?

Lorien said, “We’ll learn more about the alternatives as we sink our teeth into post production, but we mean the movie to be broadly accessible for everyone who would like to see it, and that undoubtedly contains digital as an alternative. That is another great manner that the landscape has really altered; you place an independent film out there on digital stations and can make it. That was not possible even only a few years past.

One thing was welcome screenings at schools and customs. That gets your film right to the target audiences that will appreciate it. Making a movie such as this one is driven by a love of the subject matter as well as an urge to share it. That want is something pretty much all pinball enthusiasts feel about their avocation. They need it to grow, and they need it to be discovered by individuals. We feel the exact same fashion about Shoot Again; we need it out there, we need individuals to see it, and possibly even rediscover pinball as an effect of seeing it.”

And eventually, have you got a planned published date?

“The typical documentary takes four years to finish. At first I scoffed at that amount. ‘Rubbish! I can do it in 18 months!’ Only over 3 years later, I’d a more modest view as well as a greater understanding for this stat. We expect to complete filming most interviews by the end of 2013, and move into post production for 2014. I believe once we hit post, we’ll have a clearer notion of a launch ETA. Having said that, we have got momentum, and we have got drive, and more significantly, Blake and I are both super- . The ETA I am going on in the rear of my head is ‘ASAP’.”

Naturally, we will make sure that you remain updated with all of the developments with Shoot Again – The Resurrection of Pinball over the forthcoming months right here at Pinball News.

Read More New pinball-themed album released

New pinball-themed album released

Pinball has frequently been used as a theme for the marketing business as well as both music musicians. The newest look brings the pinball theme back to encourage this weekend to a compilation album, with a special variant accessible to Chicagoland residents.

Chicago radio station WXRT has released a CD of live music from various groups every Christmas season for the last fifteen years. Their latest CD featured first pinball art through the promotion.

The ONXRT Live From The Archives Volume 15 CD will be released this Saturday, 19th April, as a special vinyl version.

This small-run double album is being released to help support Record Store Day, and is portion of a promotion of special run records to be accessible only through record stores. The goal will be to get folks out to shop at bricks and mortar record stores, instead of just downloading music at home.

It’s an uncommon occasion that there is a fresh phonograph record record made featuring first pinball art.
The record can be purchased at the following record stores in the Chicago area:

Laurie’s Planet of Sound: 4639 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
Reckless Records Forest Park: 7511 Madison Street Forest Park, IL 60130
Reckless Records: Broadway: 3126 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60657
Reckless Records: Loop: 26 E. Madison Chicago, IL 60701
Reckless Records: Wicker Park: 1532 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622
Record Breakers: 2105 S. State St Chicago, IL 60616
Rolling Stone Records: 7300 Irving Park Rd. Norridge, IL 60706
Saki:3716 W Fullerton Ave Chicago, IL 60647
Val’s Halla Records: 239 Harrison St. Oak Park, IL 60304



The Silver Ball Planet is a brand new pinball arcade situated in Large Step Mall in Osaka, Japan. The arcade is located in the section of town and also Osaka is the 2nd biggest city in Japan called Amemura (America Town).

This part of town is the trend district. It’s similar to the well-known Harajuku in Tokyo and is overrun cosplayers by hipsters, as well as the tourists. It’s additionally full of record shops, fashionable clothing stores, stylish eateries and cafes, and one world class pinball arcade.

In their attempts to encourage pinball, Japanese road was lately commissioned by the Silver Ball Planet /pop artist Buggy to dwell paint a piece to hang over the reception desk inside their entryway.

A promotional poster for the paint event that is live

The occasion was marketed by them for weeks as well as on the day they set up Buggy on the landing of the principal staircase alongside a DJ booth along with a Kiss pinball machine. The stairs in front of the landing function as Large Step and bleachers regularly hold special occasions here.

The key steps into the Large Step Mall

On the landing over the bleachers they set up four added pinball machines (all on free play) for future occasions and along with some promotion posters for the arcade at the arcade (they’ve a team night).

Future pinball events were additionally marketed



His is the 30th yearly Pinball Expo, the show which really began it back in 1985. After many moves of place, we return to the Westin North Coast resort in Wheeling.

The program this year is packed, with some seminars running in parallel in adjoining rooms, that will make reporting them fascinating. The events start at 8pm on Wednesday 15th October with the Fender Blast welcome party – a free assembly with soft drinks, hot food and amusement.

But before arriving at the Westin we’d seen with several pinball places, beginning with a visit Paul Reno and Dennis Nordman who are working jointly on some designs that were top secret.

We cannot reveal any elements, but Dennis and Paul did permit us to show this picture of a part of one of their games, which should not give too much away, because their work is secret.
We’ve additionally been to see with John Popadiuk at his studio to catch up on the most recent development with his trio of names – Magic Girl, Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland, and Alice in Wonderland.

Once again we can’t show aspects of mechanisms and the characteristics but suffice to say John’s name for innovation, scrupulous attention to detail and jaw-dropping art is amply presented in his latest creations.

This year’s Stern factory tour will probably be somewhat different, not only because it’s probably the last time the tour will probably be at this factory – Stern are moving to a brand-new house in nearby Elk Grove early in 2015 – but also because there’ll be a prohibition on shooting photos in the factory.

But, we’ve something a bit special for you. But more on that later.

Enrollment opened on Wednesday at Noon and the desk stayed active well into the evening.

Around the corner, three machines were accessible to play and set up.

The show formally commenced with the Bumper Blast celebration at 8pm on Wednesday. Entrance to the show was required to obtain entrance. Once inside, guests selected where to sit, and then helped themselves to various cold beverages and hot food.
Meanwhile, work in the main show hall, continues to assemble and prepare the seller stands.

Outside, the tournament machines are being readied for a number of days of constant play.

Thursday started, as usual, together with the Stern Pinball factory tour. Yellow school buses arrived at the Westin just before 9am, and them boarded to Melrose Park for the 30-minute ride.

Everyone disembarked and formed a line to enter the factory, when the buses arrived at Stern.

It was impossible to take images in the factory this year, but that wasn’t the sole change. As visitors entered the factory, they were required to wear safety glasses for part of their tour.

Instead of images from within the factory, and to indicate this final tour of the Janice Avenue facility, here is a unique private complete high definition video tour hosted by ‘Dr Flash’ John Trudeau himself,.

At the tour’s conclusion, a goods stand sold Stern-branded T shirts, hoodies, and caps.
Jonathan Joosten additionally there sold duplicates of the novel he printed, Pinball.
For the beginning of the seminars, it was a bus ride back to the resort after that.

The first of the numerous seminars of the show started on Thursday at 12:30pm.

12:30pm Tim Seckel – Bullwinkle, The Adventures of Rocky & Tim Seckel
Tim Seckel
Tim started by describing how he became after sending off some of his design drawings to various pinball businesses involved in pinball.

Tim took a visit to Chicago and received a call back from Joe Kaminkow.

During his summer there he came up with his design for a two-player head to head game.

Following the summer he worked on a game and chose to stay with Data East called Universal Theme Park, which afterwards turned into Bait. Tim describes as his favourite game, Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends after that came what.

Tim described how he designed which features altered during the design procedure, the character’s individual characteristics and the game, saying it was initially meant to get a lot more creatures pulled from the hat in the backbox.

Sound Click here to play the MP3 of the conversation, or right click to download the file. It is also possible to make use of the player below to play with it within this page.

1:00pm Bob Timm – My Days At Advertising Poster
Bob Timm
Bob described how art for the entire coin and the pinball -op company used to be made by outside firms, of which Advertising Posters was the important one.

Bob started his coin-op profession working on external companies’ machines at Bally. Bob said before he joined three brothers ran the section, and he was the outsider which made his situation uneasy.

After a span designing game room decor, Bob got a call to come and work at Advertising Posters on Stern pinball machines. His work there for Gary Stern contained Seawitch the games Ali and Freefall.

Bob clarified the backglass was the first draw but it was the game that was the star. Bob also described a few of the techniques he used to create the typography as well as shadow effects. Bob said the team kept files of photos of individuals, and he’d use these on which to base his art when drawing faces.

Sound Click here to play the MP3 of the conversation, or right click to download the file. It is also possible to make use of the player below to play with it within this site.

1:30pm Jim Schelberg – Pinball! – The World Premier
Jim Schelberg
Jim has been showing video clips from pinball being featured by the media in a variety of guises. Today Jim was showing a video he’s made featuring various folks saying the word “pinball”.

Those featured a couple of clips from TV shows, and contained game designers, artists.

He followed that up with more video clips featuring pinball in the media.

Because Jim’s seminar is mainly video-established, we’ve haven’t included that section, but have close remarks and his opening.

Sound Click here to play the MP3 of the conversation, or right click to download the file. It is also possible to make use of the player below to play with it within this site.

2:00pm John Popadiuk – Retro-Future-Custom Pinball Making Secrets
John Popadiuk
John congratulated Mike and Rob on their 30th Pinball Expo before talking about his history of Bally Pinball, including Nolan Bushnell – the speaker at Saturday’s banquet.

Then he spoke about his game designs, as well as the initial themes for the game Cirqus Voltaire.

John subsequently went onto the other pinballs including the Zizzle range.

The computer pinball games himself created led to the concept of making them into full-sized machines, from which his present endeavors sprang. John brought with him two prototype cupboards for his forthcoming Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland game.

John described his strategies and techniques for game design, including multiple iterations to keep enhancing them. John also spoke about the new main challenge of pleasing the customer as opposed to maximising the coin box takings.

John continued with his rules without alienating the conventional pinball fan for pinball design, such as make it quite first, reconsider everything and the reinvention of old technology. John said each game has approximately fifty new attributes.

Sadly, a fault with all the audio desk means lots of electrostatic noise was contained by the record of Johns seminar. Many thanks to David Thiel for his help in processing the sound and diminishing the noise, and we expect it does not detract from your enjoyment of John’s chat too much.

Sound Click here to play the MP3 of the conversation, or right click to download the file. It is also possible to make use of the player below to play with it within this page.

3:00pm Steve Epstein & Roger Sharpe – The Pinball Chronicles – 30 Years of Pinball Ventures
Roger Sharpe and Steve Epstein
Steve and Roger described by what method the Broadway Arcade differed from other pinball places accessible in the time and how they came to understand each other.

Roger subsequently spoke about Steve’s present endeavor – Modern Pinball – in the way that it embodies the most effective components of the Broadway Arcade and New York. Steve picked up by describing what it absolutely was about pinball which brought him in the very first place.

Roger described the variety of pinball locations in New York back in the ’70s, how he used to drive 2-3 hours to see evaluation places so he could then write about the latest machines, and how he attempted to get Steve to make the Broadway Arcade a test place for manufacturing companies.

Steve recounted many business doors opened and presented him to vendors business owners and game designers permitting him to take part in the design of a machine. Steve also stressed how, now, bunches of children’ parties are held at Modern Pinball, putting pinball into the consciousness of the following generation of players, helping to keep pinball alive.

Sound Click here to play the MP3 of the conversation, or right click to download the file. It is also possible to make use of the player below to play with it within this site.

4:00pm Kevin O’Connor & Claude Fernandez – The Making of Flash Gordon
Kevin O’Connor Claude Fernandez &
Claude started by telling the crowd how he got into pinball design, working with Steve Ritchie at Williams. An offer to double his salary saw him go to Bally.

Kevin subsequently told after seeing an ad, he joined Bally. Talking about working on games that were accredited, Kevin said the manner licensed games are made now is different to games like Star Trek as well as the topic of the discussion – Flash Gordon.

Kevin said now just received a little pamphlet of pictures from which to work, but were free to create their very own appearance. Kevin said they’d virtually nothing for Flash Gordon other than viewing the film.

Clause said Kevin actually did not need to do the two-level game, having worked with Steve who he knew was additionally working on a two-stage game – Black Knight. Claude did it otherwise and efficiently cut on the playfield in half, raising the back half instead of creating shots which went below the top playfield.

Claude described by what method the game played but was not his favourite and how he built the first whitewood.

Kevin said he got the job of producing the artwork, as there clearly was a tight deadline for having the ability to produce an artwork program at brief notice, and Kevin was known. And really Kevin finished it in only 2-3 weeks.



Well, I have not ever written a pinball-associated report before… but thanks to Martin Ayub I got the opportunity to do the occupation.

Here are my experiences from the finished occasion I took part in this past year, the Romanian Pinball Open.

At first I hadn’t intended to attend RPO 2014 because of a deficiency of time, but then Wizzair came along with its one-day special discounted costs (they were extremely great that day) for the flights, and, well, being rated 22nd at the time in the IFPA European Championship Series for 2014 (for which the top 32 qualify) additionally made me need to go.

Before I go any farther it’s vital that you understand I have not been to Romania and my understanding of the state was quite obscure and – shame on me! – I envisioned the country’s individuals to be like individuals who came to Poland to beg in the streets.

On the other hand our nations have shared – to some extent – a similar post-Second World War course. Both nations were subsequently ruled by utopia followers and so we share the exact same memories of – to put it slightly – general deficits of everything except the endless admiration of our ‘advanced’ economic systems.

Eventually both nations were able to overturn their tyrannical leaders in the late ’80s, but that’s the point where the similarities end.

While Poland managed to alter the system in a means that was comparatively peaceful, Romania was the sole nation in the region to overturn communism through a bloody revolution that led to the death penalty handed down to their overthrown leader his wife Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu.

Having these prejudiced ideas about Romania in my head, I went for a trip which has altered my view relating to this state.

An excellent view of Rome during touchdown

It begins with Ovidiu Cacina, the principal coordinator of the RPO 2014, who was answering my not-the-shrewdest questions regarding Romania and its own capital, Bucharest.

We’d met in Budapest at the Hungarian Pinball Open a month earlier. I confess Ovi should take part of the blame for this particular report.

It took me two flights. I needed to fly via Rome Ciampino, but it turned out to be an excellent chance as my subsequent flight to the Otopeni Airport in Bucharest was not scheduled to leave for another twelve hours.

I had an opportunity to see with both The Vatican and also The Coliseum – two of the very most well-known landmarks on earth.

The Coloseum The Vatican
The Vatican
However, the weather was not good and it was raining until nearly 2 pm. I walked a lot anyhow – about 10km – thus by the ending of the day I needed to halt and was very tired.

I got back to Ciampino airport (it’s located about a 45-minute bus ride from the main railway station in Rome – Termini) to board my Bucharest flight. The airplane turned out to be completely booked and full of baggage, which reminded me of my first flight to London more than a decade past.

When we landed in Bucharest I took a cab – it may be ordered using unique terminals that stop the voyager from being defrauded – to the resort I’d reserved close to the Palace of the People – a monumental construction that is the 2nd biggest administrative building on earth following The Pentagon.

This palace ought to be the second reason with taking part in the RPO 2015 clearly being the primary reason to go to Bucharest on the following excursion.

The Palace of the People in Bucharest

On the Saturday morning I had an opportunity to view the surroundings of the Palace and took a walk from the resort to the RPO place.

The Coloseum The Vatican
Walking the streets and avenues of Bucharest made me realise exactly how broad the city actually is.
The RPO 2014 was held in The Pub.

The Pub Universitatii
The tournament was scheduled to start at midday, but some machines were being brought into the site, when I arrived at 11am.

Machines for the RPO 2014
There were two tournaments held during the RPO – the classics as well as the primary.

There were 15 machines set up for the primary tournament:

The Addams Family,
Big Hurt, Frank Thomas’
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Demolition Man
Dirty Harry
Doctor Who
Dracula, Bram Stoker’s
The Flintstones,
High Speed 2 – The Getaway
Lethal Weapon 3
Pinball Magic
Scared Stiff
Tommy, The Who’s
Wipe Out
It’s possible for you to see the place along with the RPO machines in this video:

Due to some general issues using several machines, only Bally/Williams and Capcom games were used for the tournament.

Eventually 25 players from 5 different states – Italy, France, Austria, Poland and Romania – showed up to compete. 25 players were broken up into two groups of 12 and 13 players for the primary tournament. Ovidiu’s daughter, Iulia, and his wife, Lidia, looked following the enrollment procedure.

The very first phase was a round robin system with the 8 greatest players from every group qualifying for the following round. Subsequently two new groups of 8 players each were formed and another 7 match round robin was played. The four greatest players from every group were subsequently matched for the playoffs.

In the event of two players having the identical amount of triumphs, the apparent tiebreaker was used with the edge given to the player who won the match between tied players.

With over two players ending with the identical amount of triumphs, a side table was utilized to find out the last sequence. In case the tie did not break, a shootout would be played on one machine.

Machines for the RPO 2014
The classics were played on four machines (Cab, The Machine – Bride of Pinbot, Elvira and the Party Monsters, and Dr. Dude) with the top eight advancing from the qualification period.

Each player had two games on each and every machine with the very best score counting. Subsequently a position of the scores on each and every machine was utilized to decide on the qualification table.

The playoff period in the primary tournament cross-coupled players using 1-4, 2-3 rule, while in classics 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 pairings were used. The semifinal matches were played by every pair in a greatest-of-three match on a randomly chosen machine (all games to decide on the victor were played on an identical machine), together with the winner progressing to the principal final and loser being send to a fifth place playoff.

Progress through the tournament

Playoffs and the finals were played on one randomly chosen machine together with the sequence of play dependent on the position of the player in the last round. The player with the lowest position would begin, the player together with the next lowest position would play second, etc.

Machines for the Classic Tournament
After 22 matches, the primary tournament ended about 1am with the following effect:

Michel Dailly
Roberto Pedroni
Marcin Krysinski
Giuseppe Violante
Pierangelo Villa
Enrico Giorgio de Stefani
Berndt Ion Teodorescu
Milan Caranovic
Andrea Galbiati
Ovidiu Cacina
Robert Glashuettner
Bogdan Constantin Ghiga
Alex Butnaru
Adrian Pavel
Gorjan Sopronievski
Gabi Molotov Gavrilita
Kristian Strojic
Will Davenport
Ion Moscu
Karla Dumitrescu
Andra Raicu
Vlad Terzi
Alexandru Manda
Andrei Razvan
Radu Tanase
Roberto Pedroni (2nd), Michel Dailly (1st) & Marcin Krysinski (3rd)

The prizes
The prizes

Final results in classics:

Michel Dailly
Roberto Pedroni
Andrea Galbiati
Bogdan Constantin Ghiga
Giuseppe Violante
Enrico Giorgio de Stefani
Berndt Ion Teodorescu
Marcin Krysinski
Ion Moscu
Pierangelo Villa
Ovidiu Cacina
Gabi Molotov Gavrilita
Robert Glashuettner
Adrian Pavel
Alex Butnaru
Milan Caranovic
Gorjan Sopronievski
Kristian Strojic
Andra Raicu
Vlad Terzi
Karla Dumitrescu
Razvan Andrei
Will Davenport
Alexandru Manda
Radu Tanase
The medals for the Classics winners

Being a tournament organiser myself I am only able to express my comprehension of the scenario, although the primary tournament began small bit later than planned. It’s not so difficult to run a tournament in case you have all of the machines set up at your own place. Anybody who has run a tournament with the machines having to be hauled into the place will value his team’s and Ovi’s hard work to get the machines prepared for the beginning.

Myself began using the image I had of the nation as well as a tiny bit of introduction to Romania before going there. So now it’s the right time to confess myself had it all wrong. Everyone myself met was incredibly friendly and talkative with a great sense of humour, beginning with the taxi drivers who did not talk English but attempted to make the excursion fascinating by pointing out at the milestones. Subsequently was a guy myself met at the breakfast who was kind enough not to smoke in my presence (although smoking in eateries is however permitted in Romania).


It is August in Britain, so that must mean it is time for the UK Pinball Party. Pinball enthusiasts from across the US, mainland Europe as well as the United Kingdom travelled to the Daventry Court Hotel close to the town of Northampton.

This has become the residence of the premier pinball show in the UK’s as it transformed into the UK Pinball Party in 2010 from the UK Pinball Show. During those five years Andrew Heighway has organised it, and Andrew was at the helm for the occasion of 2014.

The resort is ordered in a square, with a central courtyard where guests can relax and take pleasure in the weekend’s (mostly) sunny weather.

The show is held in the rear of the resort in the Danetree Suite. On the way there, visitors pass through Fuel Bar and the foyer. Hot and cold food was served on Saturday and Sunday in the foyer at lunchtime, while both food and beverages were accessible from the Fuel Bar during the day. Beverages continued to be served until 2am on Saturday and Friday nights.

A routine characteristic of UK Pinball Party’s forerunner and the it is a special guest from the entire world of pinball. Preceding visitors have been Jack Guarnieri, Steve Ritchie, Dennis Nordman, John Trudeau, George Gomez and Mark Ritchie. This year the show’s star was the designer of such classic titles as Dracula, Pinbot, Dirty Harry, Comet and Space Shuttle, Barry Oursler.

This was Barry’s first visit outside America, and given his recent health issues, everyone was honoured the UK Pinball Party had been chosen by him as his first foreign excursion. Barry walked through the resort as well as the hall, presenting awards, signing backglasses translites and flyers, and conversing with show visitors. He additionally, as we shall see, talked at the awards dinner on Saturday night.

Before all that however, was a show to assemble. Pinball machines arrived on Thursday and on Friday during the day.



A lot of pinball events have been taking place in Austria over the past couple of years, as well as the largest of 2014 was the Austrian Pinball Open 2014 (APO 2014) held on the 20th September near Graz. It was likewise the largest pinball event up to now has been found by Austria.

The 89 participants met in the southeastern state of Styria near Graz, the next biggest city in Austria. The site was Gasthaus Steirerlounge Zoissl – a typical Styrian pub, managed by the Zoissl family. Typical local dishes may be purchased during the day, while at night you could party in the disco. In addition they have a skittle alley as well as several onsite guest rooms were accessible.

The Styrian Pinball Team, Flippnic, formed the Austrian Pinball Open 2014 together with the support of Austria’s National Pinball Sport Association, Union Flippersportverein Austria (Flipper-SV). The APO 2014 was likewise the 12th event of the 2014 IFPA European Championship Series.

Sandra and Bernd Prucher set up Flippnic and had organized for over sixty pinball machines to be brought to this place. The machines were located in six different rooms round the pub.

Around fifty of the machines were provided from the Prucher family’s private collection, six new machines – including AC/DC, Spider Man and Mustang LE Luci – were provided by the Austrian pinball seller Nigelhell. Various members of Flippnic brought the remaining machines.

With this many machines, it was no trouble to hold a tournament with 89 opponents. Some added machines were also set as a side room, in case they were wanted in the kitchen space.

There was a variety of machines from the seventies up to the present day. Stardust, Funfest and Jubilee were used for the side tournament, while elsewhere there were System 11, Data East, both Pinball 2000 and classic Williams/Bally machines like Medieval Madness, Cirqus Voltaire, The Addams Family accessible, along with brand-new Stern titles including AC/DC Luci and Mustang LE.

Here is the listing of machines at the APO 2014:

Chief Tournament
AC/DC Luci Version
The Addams Family,
Apollo 13
Attack from Mars
The Avengers,
Cirqus Voltaire
Creature of the Black Lagoon
Demolition Man
Elvira and the Party Monsters
F-14 Tomcat
Fish Tales
The Flintstones,
Gilligan’s Island
High Speed 2 – The Getaway
Hot Wheels
Independence Day
Joker Poker
Judge Dredd
Medieval Madness
Monster Bash
Mustang LE
Mustang Professional
NBA Fastbreak
No Panic
Pinball Magic
Revenge from Mars
Revenge from Mars
Scared Stiff
Scared Stiff
The shadow,
Space Shuttle
Star Trek (Data East)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Wars (Data East)
Star Wars EP1
Star Wars Trilogy
Super Mario Bros.
Terminator 2
Theater of Magic
Twilight Zone
Side Tournament

Free Play
Attack from Mars

Machines that are spare
Indiana Jones
Monster Bash
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Several top players from across Europe attended and have the tournaments, like Daniele Celestino Acciari (Italy), Markus Stix (Austria), Michel Dailly (France), Stefan Herold (Germany), Janczyk Martin (Poland), Laszlo Horn (Hungary), and even one from Japan.

Prizes for the Women, side and principal tournaments

Flippnic, the whole on-site organisation’s creators and members managed it, along with all of the logistics of the occasion,. The creator of the Austrian National Pinball Sport Association, Gabor Varga undertook temperance of the occasion. Flipper-SV also supplied support for the enrollment (via its its home page’s payments and it), public relations, as well as lots of other places too.

Gabor Varga describing the rules of the tournament as well as the program

Enrollment for the tournament started at the tournament and 8:30am itself began at around 10am. After an introduction of program and the rules in both German and English, the very first four rounds were played before lunch time and 2pm.

There was a lunch buffet accessible on site for people who purchased it in advance, with vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. Enough kept warm during the next portion of the occasion that individuals could take some added food in the day and was prepared.

At 2pm the remaining eight rounds of Swiss tournament started. The very first eight locations following the twelve rounds had qualified for the final rounds like everybody has seen in the PAPA tournaments.

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