Water conservation

Water conservation is extremely important. Here are some ways you can do your part:

    • Don’t use excessive amounts of detergents, bleach or chemicals that may kill the natural bacteria in your septic system.
    • Use biodegradable soaps and detergents.
    • To prevent excessive watering of your lawn in the summertime, purchase an inexpensive spring-loaded timer which attaches directly to your outside faucet. This will prevent overwatering in case you forget to shut off the sprinkler.
    • Water pressure in your home above 60 pounds per square inch is harmful to your plumbing system and will cause excessive water usage. Contact your local water authority to find out what the water pressure is on your street. If it exceeds 60 pounds, consider installing a pressure reducing valve that will limit the water pressure within your home.
    • Check your water meter during a period of time when no water is being used. Make a note of the meter reading and check it 8 to 10 hours later. If the meter has moved, there is an indication that you may have an undetected water leak, which should be corrected.
  • Leaky toilets consume more than 40% of your total water usage. Installation of a new toilet flapper and fill valve will keep your toilet running efficiently.
  • Conserve energy by checking the temperature setting on your water heater. It should not be above 120°F or medium setting on older models.
  • Replacing an old shower head can save up to 7.5 gallons of water per minute without sacrificing full spray action at low or high water pressures.
  • A leaky faucet that drips once per second can waste more than 8 gallons a day. That’s 3,000 gallons per year!




Pinball latest industry news

We determined it was high time to head west and pay Heighway Pinball a visit, to see development of their games as well as their factory was going with the Christmas and new year holiday break looming.

There have been many changes since our previous visit back in May, not least the move of the business out of their own original unit on the Cyfarthfa Industrial Estate in Merthyr Tydfil to a bigger pair of units a short distance away.

The old unit the fresh pair of units in the foreground in the backdrop,

The move took place while Andrew and other team members were for Pinball Expo in Chicago, with components and gear transferred to the leftmost unit of the pair. This really is where everything was situated during our visit, but it’s only a temporary place while the rightmost unit is cleaned and made ready for the production line.

The leftmost unit
Inside the left hand unit

This second unit had only been power washed and was being left to dry out over the festive rest before the line equipment is transferred in early January.

In the right hand unit
Inside the just-cleaned right hand unit

The quantity of space in the pair of units is enormous, and they supply numerous assembly, office and storage rooms, loading bays, along with a completely fitted catering-level kitchen.

There also have been developments on the firm’s first match, Full Throttle, while time was spent on the move of premises.

The team has created a brand new cabinet and backbox layout for future names and this. Their first cupboard was constructed using medium-density fibreboard (MDF) which, springy and although powerful, is not considerably lighter in relation to the standard cupboard material, plywood.

The brand new layout uses a plywood carcass, but attaches foil-coated MDF panels to supply the coloured finish and make a framework into which the side-art panels can sit.

The brand new reddish lip gloss cabinet building for the Limited Edition version
The brand new crimson polish cabinet building for the Limited Edition version

Even though the side and front panels revealed here have cutouts to adapt flipper assemblies and the ball shot, these have been covered by the foil wrapping in these types of samples. This excess foil will, obviously, be removed and the corresponding assemblies fitted in the generation variation.

With cutouts around their mounts, the legs of the game are recessed and appear more incorporated into the layout of the cupboard.

The recessed legs on the matt black cupboard
Recessed legs on the matt black cupboard

They are also able to be replaced should they become damaged because the external panels may be removed. The cupboard side artwork will soon be printed on acrylic panels which slide into slots between the interior casing as well as the external panels. The playfield glass is supported in a metal ‘magazine’ framework which sits on the very top of the cupboard, locking the art set up.

The slot for the side art panels

The team are constructing two more Full Throttles to add to the two earlier games and Festi-Flip in St Etienne, France.

Among the two Full Throttles under building

These four machines are then going to be taken to the EAG International trade show at London’s ExCel where Heighway Pinball is going to have an 8.5m x 2m stand.

Straight after EAG, the business is going to host a launch event for the game for press and commerce, followed by a launch party in The Pipeline pub in central London, where the group who supplied the primary subject, Redline, will play.

Flyer for the launching occasion

The very first Alien Pinball whitewood

As it is possible to observe, Alien Pinball is a four-flippered widebody game, with both upper flippers moved in from the borders of the playfield. This playfield does not have the cutout for the LCD monitor as it’s not needed to fine tune the shots we can show that Alien Pinball will feature a new 16:10 widescreen computer screen in the playfield, replacing the 4:3 computer screen.

While the playfield tweaked and is created, growth of effects for that LCD panel, illumination effects, sounds, and the rules takes up place in the offices on a computer simulation of the game.

The team working on future Heighway Pinball games and this has only been improved by the appointment of renowned game designer, Barry Oursler, who won’t only supply guidance and advice to the team on future and present titles, but may also design his own game.

Andrew and Barry

Barry’s game is now scheduled to be the fourth title certainly will feature a subject that was licensed, and made, only like games two and three.

We encouraged Heighway Pinball CEO, Andrew Heighway, to record an interview with us inside the new factory building, to give you more penetration on all these developments.

It’s possible for you to see all seventeen minutes of it by simply clicking on the video below.

That is all for this upgrade from the Heighway Pinball factory.

In our next update we expect to bring you complete details of the 251 promotional games made for Bacardi earlier in 2014, including images of the finished merchandise and shots from the factory during production and development.